Image of When the Devil Doesn't Show: A Mystery


Image of When the Devil Doesn't Show: A Mystery

Santa Fe is laid out in all its glory, with ties to both past and present, in this spellbinding novel of suspense and tragedy. The beautiful, yet stark, backdrop of the countryside plays an integral part in the story as do the fascinating people that inhabit the pages. The relationships among the characters lend realism to the account of murder and turmoil.

The first home invasion is only the beginning. It’s Christmastime, and the people of northern New Mexico are celebrating according to the old traditions. Detective Gil Montoya is at the festivities with his family when he and his partner, Joe Phillips, are called to the scene of a house fire. Three tortured bodies, one burned beyond recognition, are all the evidence that remains of the break-in. At first they think it’s a hate crime, then ties to the Los Alamos National Laboratory surface. When a second assault confirms their suspicions, their investigation takes them closer to the nuclear testing facility. (MINOTAUR, Apr., 288 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown