Image of When A Duke Says I Do


Image of When A Duke Says I Do

Goodger writes romances that touch readers’ hearts and bring a smile to their day. Once more she uses her talents for characterization to create an unusual pair of lovers who must overcome several difficulties to find happiness. The issues she brings up will resonate with modern readers as will as the intriguing backdrop and the endearing qualities of her hero and heroine.

Sweet, effervescent Miss Eliza Stanhope lives in a section of Nottingham known as “the Dukeries,” for its large number of eligible nobles residing there. But Eliza cares little for that, since she has been betrothed since childhood to a future duke. She has no illusions about love until a young painter named Andrea arrives to work on a mural for their home. Most people believe he is mute, but Eliza discovers he is simply a serious, quiet and very handsome young man, a kindred spirit. She has trouble sleeping and he paints at night, thus they form a friendship that becomes a forbidden passion. Eliza has no idea that Andrea carries a terrible secret — one that could free her from her betrothal if they are brave enough to unravel the truth behind his past. (ZEBRA, Dec.,380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin