Aislin DAry Byrnes world comes crashing in when she learns her fianci, Jamie Dearborne, has been killed while fighting for the Confederate Army and that her father may lose their beloved Rancho de la Paloma. Then Jamies brother Spence, also a ranch owner, gets a report that his brother may be alive and Aislin goes looking for Jamie. Spence follows her and they stumble upon a business opportunity that will clear the debts on both ranchos, as Aislin realizes shes in love with Spence, but is torn between him and her loyalty to Jamie.

Diane Nobles love of the San Jacinto area shows in her vivid descriptions of the land, but her real knack is weaving several romantic threads to create a memorable historical novel. (June, 384 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair