Fans of light, contemporary romance will enjoy this Australia-set story. Harriet makes an excellent transformation from shy bookworm to successful city woman, only to loose her cool when she’s back in her hometown. Although at times neither character seems particularly interesting, they are certainly relatable. Furthermore, there is a large cast of secondary characters that makes up for any moments where the relationship between the hero and heroine lag.

When a family emergency brings Harriet Brown back to the small town were she grew up, she can’t wait to return to the city and her real life. However, her meddling father has other plans. He repeatedly throws Harriet in the path of her high school crush, golden boy Alex Blackstone. But when a very adult romance blooms between them, will old resentments keep them apart? (CARINA PRESS, October 2011, dl. $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard