There's a beautiful woman hidden inside Diane Tarvers, and newly appointed pastor Matthew Jolson aims to bring her out. Never before has he encountered a woman who is so giving and selfless that she allows her family and friends to walk all over her. Matthew has had his share of women -- in fact, it was a woman that brought him to his present state. But with Diane, he's on a mission. Starting a romance would not only cause him to yield to temptation, it would cause him to lose focus, a past mistake he can't afford to repeat.

However, when Diane opts for a makeover, neither Matthew nor the other men around her can resist her. Though further involvement would spell disaster, Matthew just can't seem to shake her alluring spirit and natural beauty.

Though the heroine's naivete may exasperate at times, McClain–Watson delves deep into the psyche of Diane and brings forth revelations that will challenge readers. The author raises questions of faith, giving and trust, and at times, this is inspiring. Humor lightens some of the darker situations, and readers will find that there are multiple sides to many of the characters. Vivid details paint an accurate picture of the small-town setting and make it easy to visualize characters. This book will appeal to lovers of romance, drama and inspirational literature. (May, 304 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton