Image of When He Was Bad


Image of When He Was Bad

This collaborative effort comes from two popular paranormal romance authors -- each writing a dark, exciting novella. Laurenston's offers up a
surprisingly rigid yet entertainingly wanton heroine. Eden's tale is suspenseful and mildly gory as she
continues to give readers what
they love: evil, lusty vampires and fiercely protective, sexual shifters. A commanding read when combined, each could stand alone thanks to grounded characters, plentiful love scenes and useful settings.

Miss Congeniality, by Laurenston, has Niles Van Holtz not caring if Irene Conridge is a pain in his side. He wants her. But Irene is too busy hiding powerful chemical warfare from enemy governments to tangle with Van Holtz, until a weird twist of fate makes her literally unable to live without him.

In Wicked Ways, by Eden, Miranda Shaw's attempt at Internet dating literally bites. Next-door neighbor Cain Lawson arrives just in time to save her, and they pair up to take down a vampire on a killing rampage.

(Brava, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen