It is love at first sight for Michael Stirling, London's most eligible rake, the day he meets Francesca Bridgerton. But the love must be unrequited: Francesca is marrying his cousin, John.

When John's sudden death frees Frannie, Michael still does not dare to say, "I love you." Instead he flees to India in hopes of banishing Frannie from his heart. He returns to take his place as the Earl of Kilmartin.

After John died, Frannie was stunned when she turned to Michael for comfort and he left her alone with her sorrow. Yearning for a child, she embarks on a husband hunt and looks to Michael for advice. It is too much for him to imagine Frannie in another man's arms.

However, after Frannie nurses him though a bout of malaria she realizes how precious Michael is to her. Is there a way to unleash the passion that simmers between them without dishonoring John's memory?

Quinn really tugs on the heartstrings with this poignant story of love lost and found. Her characters' intense emotions reach out to touch the reader. You'll share in Michael's strong sense of honor and Frannie's grief and dreams of loving again. It is a story of great beauty and depth of desire—not only for love but for friendship too. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin