Though only a clerk for the Stevenson Detective Agency, Annabel Brannigan is determined to become their first female operative. Her break comes when the agency is hired to locate her childhood friend Brett McCallum-the very man she has dreamed about for years! Positive she can tackle the assignment, Annabel heads for the Arizona Territory.

She knows the job won't be easy, but she never expects the handsome gunman Roy Steele to stand in the way between her and her man.

When Roy learns that the lovely miss is hunting the same man he is after, he's determined to learn all he can about the surprising and unusual detective. Traveling through the harsh wild west, they form an uneasy partnership. Once they locate Brett, they must try to protect him. But the greatest challenge comes when Annabel discovers what true love is and realizes which of the two men holds her heart as the threesome head back to St. Louis where some surprising truths are revealed.

Jill Gregory combines all the drama of a gritty western with the aura of a homespun romance in this beautifully rendered tale. The wonderful characters (including a loving ghost) are sure to win readers' hearts and have them wishing there were more to this utterly magical love story. SENSUAL (Apr., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin