Woodsmall's new series focuses on the Amish and their fascinating way of life. Hannah is likable and intelligent but very headstrong. Her desire to break away from traditional customs mirrors teen dilemmas in any culture. The consequences of rape are handled respectfully but are still disturbing. An unrealistic communication breakdown between major characters feels tedious, even
with the Amish's lack of modern conveniences. Frustratingly, much of the plot is left unresolved.

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Lapp, raised in an Amish family, has been secretly courted by Mennonite Paul Waddell. Right before Paul leaves for his senior year of college, he asks Hannah to marry him and she accepts. She only has to convince her family.

On her way home, Hannah is raped. Some surround her with love, but not everyone extends compassion. Secrets are kept, lines are drawn and confusion reigns. Hannah must overcome tremendous obstacles that distance her from her family, friends and even God. (WATERBROOK, Sep., 336 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel