Image of When I Fall in Love (Jove Paranormal Romance a Jove Book Jove Books)


Image of When I Fall in Love (Jove Paranormal Romance a Jove Book Jove Books)

Kurland latest installment of her time-travel saga ensures fans that all is well with her past time travelers. Though a lovely tale with admirable characters, the spark of originality and the strong conflict that set the series apart is but a glimmer in this book. This is a story that needs to be told to keep the series moving, but it's not one that stands on its own.

It's no surprise to concert violinist Jennifer when she walks through a time portal in modern-day Scotland to find herself back in the 13th century. She has traveled through time before. What does surprise her is to be instantly accused of witchcraft and rescued by a true knight in shining armor.

Nicholas de Piaget is no stranger to time travel either, and he knows others like Jennifer. But he will not let her in on his secret until she's ready to tell him the truth. Instead, he lets her acclimate to his world and his boisterous brothers, come to trust him -- and perhaps love him -- before he reveals his secret.

At first Jennifer plans to return to the present, but as time passes, she becomes accustomed to Nicholas' life. Still, she fears she will have to leave him behind. But can either of them live without the one person who is the answer to all of their dreams? (Jove, May, 442 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin