Columnist Celia Snowden is getting bored covering wedding after wedding. Working for the Portland Times, Celia had hoped to expand her career by covering other types of stories. Joining her on the job is dependable Davis Smith, Celia's best friend. Davis's problem is that he may be too familiar and dependable, for while he's been crazy about Celia for years, she has never reciprocated.

Celia's life takes a slightly bizarre turn when her old friend, Channel 7 morning newsperson Natalie Glass, calls and announces she is getting married. She wants Celia's help with the wedding; though Celia agrees, she wonders what her friend is up to. She learns that Natalie corresponded via e-mail with native Scot Angus McDougall and rashly accepted his proposal…without ever meeting him!

This upcoming wedding starts taking on a slightly surreal element that forces Celia to think a lot more about the idea of relationships and marriage. Now if only Davis can get Celia to focus in his direction.

WHEN I THINK OF YOU is the perfect example of someone not being aware of a good thing right under their nose. Author Liz Ireland delivers slightly offbeat humor and wisdom in this fun read. (Jul., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith