Archeologist Orin Coleridge entices his daughter Veronica out of her self-imposed exile with the possibility of finding the legendary Mask of the Storm Mother, supposedly the only remaining artifact from a lost Caribbean Tribe.

Orin knows that Veronica needs a reason for living after the accident that took her husband, her baby and her hearing. They learn of Captain Dugan Gallagher, whose boat they hope to hire for the quest.

Dugan almost feels guilty for taking the Coleridges money but when evidence turns up that they are right on track, he is hooked. But Emilio Zaragosa also wants the treasure and will attain it by any means neccessary.

Rachel Lee is developing quite a track record for dishing up thrilling aquatic adventures. WHEN I WAKE possesses all the adventure, thrills and romance necessary to get your heart pumping and your spine tingling. (Nov., 372 pp., $7.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith