Image of When A Lady Misbehaves (Pleasure Emporium)


Image of When A Lady Misbehaves (Pleasure Emporium)

Marcos debuts with the first of the Pleasure Emporium series, about
the "bad girls" of a London brothel. Though more naughty than bad, her heroine is a spunky delight, and her dark, hostile hero is an ideal foil.
With this light, entertaining and
enjoyable story, Marcos displays talents that are sure to grow with each new title.

Though only a maid in the Pleasure Emporium, Miss April Jardine has big dreams. When she discovers Madame's diary, a list of her paramours' names and the news that there was a child from one liaison, April sets out to blackmail the powerful men on the list, claiming she's the daughter of their indiscretion.

Her scheme is a success, until she arrives at Lord Blackheath's home. His father might accept April as his long-lost daughter, but Blackheath is determined to expose her treachery. But he's so attracted to April that he waits to spring his trap. The longer Blackheath waits, the more his attraction for her grows. April feels the same, but can they learn to trust one another, or has April's plan gone awry? (St. Martin's, Nov., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin