Book two of the Highland Lords series is guaranteed to bring you a warm smile and a full heart. Alisdair MacRae, descendant of the Scottish rebel known as the Raven, arrives at his ancestral home just in time to rescue Iseabal Drummond after she falls through the floor.

Deeming her a trespasser, he soon discovers that her family now owns his land and he has been thought dead. To reclaim it, he must buy the property and marry Iseabal. As a ship's captain, Alisdair has no desire to wed, but he will, to get his land. Iseabal has suffered under her brutal father's hand and sees Alisdair as her champion, but she fears she will never be a wife to him since he intends to annul the marriage once they are in England.

It is easy for Iseabal to fall in love with gentle and kind Alisdair; he even brings her the stone she requests as a bride's gift. However, winning his love proves a challenge for her. But with the help of Alisdair's grandmother, Iseabal does just that. Their love is passionate and strong, but is it strong enough to overcome Iseabal's father's betrayal?

With emotional intensity, sensuality and great passion, Karen Ranney builds a compelling story that holds your attention from the very beginning until the uplifting end. Her hallmarks of believable characters, careful plotting and simmering sexual tension are all here, as well as tenderness and poignancy. This is a romance you won't easily forget. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin