wenty-seven-year-old Kara Larson wants to believe her life is in order. She's set to marry famous pro golfer Peyton Ellers and is juggling the last details of her wedding plans while managing events for a U.S. professional golf tour. Amid her frenzied pace, Kara squeezes in time to volunteer at a nursing home, where she befriends a woman who is nearly 70 years her senior, Maeve Mahoney.

Though their encounters are brief, Maeve's and Kara's lives intertwine when stories of lost loves are exchanged and embraced. Maeve's fragmented reflections of her first love in Ireland resonate with Kara, rekindling memories of her own childhood love, Jack Sullivan. Kara is disquieted when Maeve summons her to find her true love and finds herself questioning her current lifestyle and relationship with Peyton. Seeking resolution to settle her unnerved heart, Kara sets out to find Jack and come to terms with her past. But will Kara's search for Jack be the answer to her heart's calling?

Set in the South Carolina Low Country, in the fictitious town of Palmetto Pointe, this is an inspiring tale that awakens one's mind to the choices made in life and accentuates the importance of following your heart. Henry's characters are true to life and full of depth; her settings vivid and symbolic; and her story, memorable and timeless. Expect to be caught in the grip of this powerful novel to the very end. (May, 278 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Debra LiCausi