Since her mothers death Abigail Bliss has been unable to fathom her fathers behavior. He is in a great hurry to leave their home and head west on the Oregon Trail and to see her married to the staid reverend whos been courting her.

Abigail has no idea that her father is running in fear from her maternal grandfather, the wealthy and powerful Willard Hogan, who is intent upon claiming Abigail as his heir.

Known for his cunning and bravery, bounty hunter Tanner McKnight wonders if he will ever find his quarry, Miss Abigail Bliss, and convince her to return with him to meet her grandfather in Chicago. Tanner narrows his search down to the lovely Abigail Morgan and soon discovers that bringing her in will be the most challenging mission of his career, especially when he falls in love with her.

Abigail is fascinated by the handsome Tanner, and though she is to marry another she cannot resist the temptation of dreaming of Tanners sweet kisses. The trail is rough while tragedy and danger awaits, but the worst dangers comes when Tanner brings Abigail to Willard Hogan.

With her great skill, Rexanne Becnel executes a simple story turning it into an emotional powerhouse. She beautifully evokes her characters myriad emotions and the complex situation they find themselves trapped in. Readers will especially enjoy Abigails stories, which add that warm touch that makes Rexanne Becnel special. SENSUAL (Mar., 406 pp., $5.99)

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