Image of When Love Blooms


Image of When Love Blooms

This is another great historical romance novel by Hatcher, who writes her
characters with their feelings on their sleeves. They're also written with their weaknesses showing -- and she shows readers how to turn a weakness into
a strength by relying on their beliefs
and their inner selves.

In 1883 Idaho, Emily Harris has been hired to be a nanny for Gavin Blake's three young children. His wife, Dru, is dying of cancer, and he wants someone to help her when he's out on the range. But Dru has other ideas about hiring Emily. She doesn't want Gavin to be alone after she's gone and has found him his next wife.

Gavin doesn't think Emily can handle life in the wilderness, without all the luxuries she has grown up with. Can Emily prove to Gavin that she can do this, so she won't lose her job? It's harder than she thought, especially when she discovers she has feelings for him she knows she shouldn't have. (ZONDERVAN, Mar., 304 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans