Image of When Love Comes


Image of When Love Comes

Full of action and romance, Greenwood's latest is another exciting adventure on the western frontier. The fast-paced plot is complex and compelling, and the hero is sympathetic but not necessarily typical. The romance builds slowly into a passionate relationship. Full of cowboys and characters from the Old West, this book is like watching a John Wayne movie.

His face badly disfigured during the War Between the States, Broc Kincaid is still sensitive about his appearance. After he slugs a man for taunting him, the judge gives Broc a choice: Go to jail or collect a long-standing debt.

When Broc shows up at the Lazy T ranch, he finds that the original owner of the ranch, Aaron Liscomb, is dead, leaving his wife and three children to run it. Amanda Liscomb, the eldest child, is valiantly trying to keep the ranch operating, but she is struggling. None of the Liscombs know about their father's debt. Suspecting that someone is lying, Broc hires on as a cowhand in order to figure out what's going on. But the longer he works on the ranch, the more he realizes that the Liscombs are honorable people -- and the more attracted he becomes to Amanda. (LEISURE, Apr., 326 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts