Twenty years have passed since Fletcher Ramsay was forced to flee his Highland home with his mother, and the time has come for him to return, reclaim his title as Duke of Glengarry and avenge his father's murder.

Cathleen Lindsay has lived with her grandfather, Rev. David Macdonald, since her parents' death. He is all she has in the world and she resents Fletcher's intrusion. But since Maggie is one of Reverend David's best friends, he feels compelled to help Fletcher in his quest.

As Fletcher and Cathleen are forced to spend time together she opens her heart to his gentle soul-despite the fact that there can be no future between them. When it becomes evident that someone is trying to kill them, he risks his life to protect Cathleen and all he holds dear.

A spin-off from So This Is Love and the popular Mackinnon series, WHEN LOVE COMES ALONG is an inspiring tale brimming with tender moments. As always, Ms. Coffman's writing is eloquent and heartwarming. SENSUAL (Nov., 358 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox