Image of When Love Comes My Way


Image of When Love Comes My Way

Copeland enlightens readers with a historical romance set in the timber lands of Michigan in 1873. Her writing is both intuitive and delectable as we encounter a story of restoration and forgiveness. We begin to understand opposing points of view as strong women meet challenges of community life amongst hard-headed lumberjacks.

Tess Wakefield is on her way to sell her grandfather’s lumber company when she is involved in an accident that claims the life of several passengers and causes her to lose her memory. Thanks to a case of mistaken identity, Tess starts teaching school and joins a children’s welfare society. This gives lumberjack Jake Lannigan more time to keep Wakefield from being sold. He suspects the new teacher was killed in the accident and pretends he doesn’t know that Tess is the granddaughter of the former owner. Tess begins to see the lumber business in a new way and to feel respectful toward the land. Until she finds her memory returning … (HARVEST HOUSE, Jun., 256 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson