A vice cop looking for a couple days of quiet finds himself on a whirlwind chase with a pretty young woman, two children, assorted family members, and loads of fun. Pam McCutcheon brings her unique style to CHASING BABY (4.5), and readers should be prepared to laugh out loud.

An English teacher living an exciting life through letters to a mystery man is thrust into true adventure during a blackout. DEAR LONELY IN L.A. (4) is a fast-paced story, and Jacqueline Diamond brings some great characters to life in this charmer.

Coming to work on the biggest case of her career, an attorney is shocked by the sparks she feels whenever she sees her opposing counsel and the sense of familiarity she can't quite explain. Bonnie K. Winn's characters show both a smoldering quality and a good sense of humor in WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN (3).

Karen Toller Whittenburg's mischievous, magical wedding dress is at it again. A bride determined to marry the man she stood up years before wants nothing to do with a dress reported to show her true love... her ex-husband. TWO PENNY WEDDING (3) is a pleasant read with some captivating secondary characters.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson