Image of When Morning Comes (Kimani Romance)


Image of When Morning Comes (Kimani Romance)
WHEN MORNING COMES (3) by Harmony Evans: Private investigator Autumn Hilliard has been hired to discover if Isaac Mason is stealing money from his company. While trying to do her job as an undercover financial analyst, she encounters a surly boss, his entitled daughter and an undeniable attraction to the man she was hired to take down. Isaac is on the fast track to becoming a partner and splits his focus between fatherhood and work. However, after meeting Autumn, he starts to realize what he’s missing without a woman by his side. More background on the two main characters would have been helpful in fully developing them. Without it, it’s a little difficult to really understand what motivates Autumn and Isaac to make the decisions they make.
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner