WHEN ONE NIGHT ISN’T ENOUGH by Wendy S. Marcus (4): Doctor Jared Padget has been a thorn in nurse Allison Forshay’s side since the high-handed doc began subbing at the hospital three months ago. Jared took it upon himself to break up Allison and her soon-to-be-fiancée and now Jared takes every opportunity to flirt outrageously with the disgruntled nurse. In his defense, Jared knew that Allison was not happy with her boyfriend and he knows that she deserves more. What Jared doesn’t know is that Allison was a severely troubled teen and tried to find love with any boy that would pay her attention. While she is no longer that girl, her past weighs heavily on her self-esteem and Allison feels that she isn’t worthy of a healthy relationship. This is not helped when she and Jared spend a night together only to have him leave for another hospital the very next day. When Jared returns a short time later the two have mountains of baggage that they must work through, as trust does not come easily to either one. Readers are bound to feel empathy for both the hero and heroine. Each has a uniquely disastrous past that stops them from making lasting connections. These complications help to make the moment when Jared and Allison are able to give their hearts to the other all the more touching. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne