Image of When Passion Rules


Image of When Passion Rules

Few writers have made such an impact on the romance genre as Lindsey. She takes a classic captive/captor theme and fairy-tale elements and weaves them into a love story that will resonate with readers. It’s all here with plenty of suspense, fussing and fighting, verbal battles and a lively pace.

Raised by her Uncle Poppie in England, Alana Framer has been tutored in all the arts and sciences as well as the arts of fighting. She’s young and ready for love, not for the news that she’s actually Princess Alana of Lubinia. Instead of killing her as he was hired to do, Poppie fled his homeland to raise her in safety. Now, her country needs her to return to avert civil war. She returns to Lubinia. When she’s suspected of being an imposter or assassin, she’s held captive by Count Christoph Becker, captain of the Royal Guard. Christoph has seen too many pretenders to believe she is the princess, but the feisty Alana gets under his skin. Even as Alana takes her place as ruler to ferret out the traitors, there are many suspects, dangerous intrigues and shocking secrets. Most surprising is the passion that flares between Alana and Christoph. (GALLERY, Jun., 400 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin