Image of When Seducing a Spy (Andersen Hall)


Image of When Seducing a Spy (Andersen Hall)

Robins, known for her fast-paced,
sexy Regency romances, does it again with an action-packed love story set against a brightly colored background and filled with delightful characters who capture your attention. Sit back and savor this light, quick and
fun novel.

Tess, Lady Golding, is much more than she seems. A member of the Society for the Enrichment and Learning of Females, she works for the Crown and is quite good at what she does -- until her secret is compromised.

In steps her childhood friend Heath Bartlett, who has no idea that Tess is an agent. All he knows is that scandal and trouble follow the young widow. Working for a branch of the government, he is investigating Tess's link to a theft, and he's intent on marrying a girl who can help his career. But every time he and Tess are together, he longs to forget respectability and make love to her. When she's unjustly accused of murder Heath vows to get her out of prison, and with help from members of the society, he works to set her free and win her heart. (Avon, Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin