Image of When She Was Wicked (A Honeycote Novel)


Image of When She Was Wicked (A Honeycote Novel)

Delightfully smart, fun, fast-paced and just different enough for readers to take note of Barton’s charming voice, this novel is filled with wry humor and compassion intrigues readers. The intrepid heroine, arrogant hero, memorable secondary characters and the colorful depiction of the era add to the reading enjoyment.

London dressmaker Anabelle Honeycote is desperate for the money to pay her mother’s medical bills. Since she is privy to gossip, Anabelle decides to use her “knowledge” to blackmail those who can afford to hush up a scandal. But Owen Sherbourne, Duke of Huntford, decides to shut down her plans for extortion, bringing her to live in his home and design his sisters’ wardrobes. Living in a mansion, becoming friends with her clients and falling in love with her employer breaks all of Anabelle’s rules. (FOREVER, Feb. 400 p.,$5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin