Image of When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek)


Image of When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek)

In this sensitive, passionate, and heartbreakingly poignant second installment of her Whiskey Creek series, Novak masterfully explores what happens when a woman whose entire life has been consumed by playing a variety of roles casts off her suffocating masks and, with the support of an unexpected lover, embraces who she was, is and can be.

Cheyenne Christensen’s half-buried memories of a happy childhood do not include the woman she calls Mother — a grifter, prostitute and abusive alcoholic who now lays dying and unrepentant in their shabby home on the wrong side of town. Eager to shed her sordid past, Cheyenne is thrilled when her secret crush, upstanding Joe DeMarco, asks her for a date. But why can’t she control her sudden passion for brooding Dylan Amos, the town bad boy? Maybe it’s because Dylan understands and accepts Cheyenne for exactly who she is — whoever that might be. (MIRA, Nov., 441 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin