Drama, drama and jaw-dropping drama is the best way describe Morrison's latest. Darius Jones is back, on the brink of becoming an NBA star and marrying Fancy Taylor, his soul mate. Unexpectedly, events from his past are catching up with him, and he may have placed himself in a deadly position.

Fancy loves Darius but isn't sure she's up for the challenge when his issues get a personal hold on her. Also in the mix are Jada, Darius' mother, and his father, Darryl, who appears to be setting himself up to re-enter Jada's life. Amid the ups and downs of this novel, one thing is for sure -- love isn't always a fairy tale.

While the story is a fast read, there's just too much sneaking and conniving. Some of the characters are outright scandalous. From obsessed love to unsure love, and even a touch of renewed love, Morrison hits on the various ranges of what a person will do for love. She draws you into the story, and fans of this final installment in the Soul Mates series will appreciate the conclusion. (Aug., 320 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tee C. Royal