Pregnant and happy, Susan Butler lives an ideal life until the fatal car crash. Realizing a chance to right old wrongs, Susan's guardian angels whisk her back in time to the year 1888 where her soul enters the body of Margaret Johnsbury who died falling from a horse.

Recuperating over the next few days Susan/Margaret is astounded by the remarkable turn of events. She is dismayed to discover that Margaret was disliked by everyone, including her husband, Carter. Ever optimistic, Susan accepts her new life and is determined to make the best of her new beginning.

Carter is not fooled by this seemingly new Margaret who is always cheerful, optimistic, outgoing and nice to everyone. Believing it is but another of Margaret's cruel jokes, he refuses to believe her tale of amnesia, yet he still cannot deny his attraction to her.

Susan fears she may never be able to right the wrongs Margaret committed, but as she realizes she is in love with Carter, she takes a desperate chance to prove herself once and for all.

WHEN THERE IS HOPE is a heartwarming time-travel which showcases the human spirit's vulnerability and remarkable vitality in the face of desperation and adversity. Maggie and Carter's tale of redeemable love will bring a tear and a smile of happiness. Ms. Goodger proves to be a new talent to watch. (June, 455 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox