Christine Delaney isnt really sure what to do with her life. She just knows that she loves the North and wants to live there. But it seems that God has other plans for her. She leaves home to visit her brother and to attend his wedding. She and the best man are thrown together often and it appears that a relationship could develop, if Christine could let go of certain past experiences (which are not explained in this book).

Upon returning home, she decides its time to seek work and leaves again, this time for Edmonton. However, before she can even determine if this is the place where God wants her to be, her aunt in Calgary needs her assistance. While there, tragedy strikes her family and Christine meets a caring doctor who seems quite taken with her. Christine remains distant, fearful of any relationship or involvement due to her past. Struggling with these feelings, plus the attention of yet another possible male suitor and the escalating war in Europe makes her life extremely complicated, and Christine knows she must make a decision soon.

Christine seems to drift through this story with no strong feelings for any of the males in her life, no goals or desires (except to return to the North), and no conclusion. The writing is somewhat stilted with countless hyphens and repetitive words in the dialogue, which does not help readers to distinguish characters. (Aug., 288 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston