Image of When We Met (Hqn)


Image of When We Met (Hqn)

The ability to combine tender emotions, poignancy and humor, then spice it up with a sexy sizzle are the hallmarks of a Mallery book. The small town of Fool’s Gold continues to be a hot spot for lovers to meet their romantic downfall. The courtship of Angel and Taryn is funny, touching and exciting — a perfect way to spend readers’ precious leisure hours.

Widower Angel Whittaker’s interest is piqued by the arrival of public relations expert Taryn Crawford in Fool’s Gold. Taryn and her ex-football player partners have moved their company to the town and are interested in working with Angel on an advertising campaign for their bodyguard school. After losing his wife and son years ago, Angel is beginning to reenter society. He’s talked into being the leader of a troop of Acorns, only to discover that they’re 7-year-old girls. Panicked, Angel talks Taryn into helping him in exchange for his help with her upcoming sales presentation. Their relationship is supposed to have no strings, but the heart doesn’t always listen. (HQN, May, 352 pp., $8.99)

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