Marina, princess of the ruling house of Sellane, has no desire to join with any wizard twins, especially not Caise and Kai'el Sashtain. But these two know that she's the one for them -- if only they can help her get past the horror she suffered in her past.

Dark magic is threatening the land and all Marina loves. She has more to gain by joining with the twins than she ever could have believed -- and the twins might find there's more to Marina than they realized!

This second book in Leigh's Wizard Twins series has lots of excitement, plenty of action, two gorgeous heroes and a strong heroine. The sex is hot and explicit and centers around a monogamous menage à trois. It is an interesting and well-plotted addition to this otherworldly saga that ends with a cliffhanger. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley