High school counselor Lydia "Lyddie" Porter knows what it's like to believe no one is listening, especially God. Now it seems the Lord has finally answered her prayers and sent someone to love her: new shop teacher Charlie Stains. Then a student stops in her office with a tale of sexual abuse that tears Lyddie's world apart. What can she do but stand by the frightened student, even if it means siding against her last chance at love. Lyddie must return to God to find her way through a maze of moral obligation, lost innocence, shattered dreams and the nightmares of her own past. In WHEN YOU BELIEVE (4), Deborah Bedford deals head-on with tough issues in a sensitive manner. One situation with the press seems unlikely, but realistic characters, true-to-life dialogue and unusual plot twists keep the story on track. (Aug. '03, 284 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson