Image of When You Were Mine: A Novel


Image of When You Were Mine: A Novel

An absolutely heartbreaking story of a woman’s ill-fated return to her first love, When You Were Mine is an excellent example of a quiet, domestic tale with a big impact. It will no doubt have your eyes tearing up by the last page. The story takes advantage of an interesting pace, picking up speed gradually and becoming a gripping page-turner toward the end. The characters feel real — all have distinct personalities without being extreme, and everyone has both flaws and good points. A touching, relatable read that, while poignant, leaves the reader with an air of hope.

Susannah is the walking embodiment of disappointment. Nearing 40, she is divorced, childless and living a loveless life with her boyfriend Doug and his three bratty children. And now that her best friend Amelia has cancer, things have never been worse. But when Susannah reconnects with her (now-married) first love, she has a chance to reclaim everything she wanted when they were still together. The reader, of course, knows this can’t possibly end happily for everyone. (TOUCHSTONE, Mar., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen