Image of When You Wish Upon a Duke (The Wylder Sisters)


Image of When You Wish Upon a Duke (The Wylder Sisters)

With the first of the Wylder sisters trilogy, Bradford delivers a romance where contrived misunderstandings and foolish pride define both characters and plot. Readers seeking a more traditional narrative will enjoy this pleasant tale.

It’s time for the Duke of Marchbourne to meet Lady Charlotte Wylder, his betrothed since birth. He needs a quiet, respectable bride to ensure his place in society. From their first unconventional meeting, March realizes Charlotte is not the demure woman he hoped to marry, but a delightful hoyden. After they wed, what should be the ideal honeymoon turns to something quite different. Fearing that he has debased and embarrassed his bride with his passion, March withdraws and Charlotte misunderstands his actions. Charlotte must prove the depth of her trust and desire and lure March back into her arms. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 300 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin