Addie Sherwood, with her natural affinity for children, accepts a teaching position in Homestead, Idaho. Will Rider, guardian to his half-breed niece, Lark, owns Addie's cabin.

Addie does not understand her attraction to Will, and Will, unsure of how to deal with his niece, asks Addie to marry him. Though Addie refuses, she agrees to tutor Lark. Will, still confused by his feelings for Addie, allows jealousy to get the best of him. He sneaks into Addie's cabin and in one blissful night, they become lovers. Will proposes again and Addie agrees.

Their happiness is complete until Addie's ex-fianc arrives. Though Will gets her to the altar, their wedding is interrupted by a fire. Will is severely injured and while recovering, he allows his doubts about Addie to plague him. Only after he buries his foolish pride can Will learn to accept Addie's love.

WHERE THE HEART IS, the first of three books in an Americana series to be written by Robin Lee Hatcher, is a beautiful love story of people learning to trust. Fans of Ms. Hatcher will delight. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager