After a nasty divorce, decorator Shelly Wilde has built a protective wall around herself. Her father was a herpetologist who dragged his wife and daughter from one remote location to another, making Shelly a homebody who distrusts "traveling men."

Geologist Cain Remington almost defines "traveling man," but plans to stay put in Los Angeles this summer to keep an eye on his nephew Billy. Billy's self-absorbed mother JoLynn is watching her son while her ex-husband is away. JoLynn has hired Shelly and her partner Brian to revamp her rented home. Shelly comes to Billy's rescue when a terrified JoLynn wants to destroy his beloved boa constrictor, Squeeze. With her background, Shelly is unafraid of snakes and offers to keep Squeeze for the summer. Cain is fascinated by this unique woman who blows apart most of his preconceptions. She, too, is wildly attracted to Cain, but her fear of impermanence makes her hesitate.

Awesome author Elizabeth Lowell revises and expands another of her unforgettable classic romance novels (formerly titled TRAVELING MAN). Rich in depth and emotion, this sensual tale will delight Ms. Lowell's readers. (May, 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith