After her mother's death, Liz Breckenridge is determined to leave San Francisco and travel to Alaska to find her brother, Peter. It doesn't matter that everyone says it's too late in the year to go to Alaska or that a woman shouldn't travel alone. God will protect her.

Before long, protection comes in the form of handsome Clint Brady, a man who keeps rescuing Liz from trouble. Clint finally agrees to accompany her on the harrowing trip across the frozen mountain wilderness to Dawson. The longer they're together, the more Liz realizes her heart is in more danger than her life.

Bittner brings to life the dangerous and beautiful Alaskan wilderness of the gold rush days. Clint is a hero who'll pull at your heartstrings. (Apr., 336 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Vickie McDonough