McKenzy Dixon and Rosella Whitaker were best friends as young girls, and when Kenzys parents decided to move, she feared the friendship would end. Shed also be leaving Noble Stockton, the boy she knew shed marry. Unfortunately, Noble was the only bone of contention between the girls, as Rose is also attracted to him. Kenzy vows to one day return to the Texas town and her friends.

Ten years later, Rose, who is now confined to a wheelchair, brings Kenzy back to town to help build an orphanage. Both women are still attracted to Noble. Also back in town is Rem Parker. The son of gypsies, he was often ostracized, but had liked Kenzy. Hed left town to serve in the war, and many felt he participated in treasonous activities.

Rem pursues Kenzy and forces her to face the demons she wishes would remain hidden. When obstacles threaten to derail the orphanage project, Kenzy and Rem must work together to help those they care about.

Ms. Pace once again masterfully creates very real characters, blending numerous plotlines into one thoroughly enjoyable story. SWEET (Jan., 280 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson