Image of Where It Began


Image of Where It Began
WHERE IT BEGAN (4.5) by Kathleen Pickering: Artist Maria Santiago asks Daniel Del Rio, the man she knows as the captain of her father’s ship, to take her back to the Bahamas in the hopes that returning to the site of the terrible boating accident that killed her mother and her twin sister and resulted in her amnesia will help to cure her. Not understanding why she’s attracted to Daniel and angry at him at the same time, Maria doesn’t know that she and Daniel were lovers — and Daniel was captaining the ship when the accident occurred. Although he wasn’t responsible, he blames himself for her family members’ deaths. A novel storyline, excellent description, and lots of sexual tension make this an irresistible story readers won’t want to put down. Pickering’s depiction of Daniel and Maria’s interactions are quite realistic and detailed.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay