Edward, Lord Rawlings has no desire to take on the title and responsibilities of the Duke; he much prefers his womanizing and life of "fun." He just needs to find his nephew, 10-year-old Jeremy, to take the yoke off his neck. The only problem is Jeremy's aunt.

Since her sister and brother-in-law's deaths, Pegeen MacDougal has cared for Jeremy. Liberal minded, independent and determined, Pegeen will do whatever she must to protect Jeremy.

Edward expects Jeremy's guardian to be an old dried-up spinster, but instead he finds a beautiful, spirited young woman who matches him word for word. Edward is fascinated with Pegeen; she is so unlike the women he knows that she surprises him as she enchants him.

Pegeen agrees to travel back to England for Jeremy's sake, not knowing what a Pandora's box she opens. Sparring with words and action, she and Edward square off, but as the sparks fly, their passion soars and Pegeen finds herself trapped by Edward's charm and heated kisses. But can their love withstand the revelations when Edward's jealous neighbor unearths Pegeen's darkest secret?

With her debut novel, Patricia Cabot delivers a sweet, warm and delightfully charming tale. Though predictable with the usual assortment of characters, WHERE THE ROSES GROW WILD showcase Ms. Cabot's talents for penning witty, lively romances. SENSUAL (Mar., 355 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin