Image of Where There's Smoke


Image of Where There's Smoke

Kelley burns up the pages with this hot series starter. A story about a fledgling demon trying to earn her full demon status, and a dark angel trying to make her see that becoming a demon is not all that it is cracked up to be, this book is witty, sexy and a lot of fun. Readers won’t be able to wait to read the next installment!

Destiny Carter is drop-dead gorgeous — literally. She died in 1959 and was sent to hell. She now steals souls for the devil, but needs to make her quota in her quest to become a demon. She is sent back to the real world with a goal, to corrupt one soul. But there is a catch: Destiny has only one week to do it. When she lands in Texas, she sees a bar called the Stompin’ Ground, where she finds the perfect candidate. A lonely cowboy at the bar will be easy to seduce to the dark side, right? Chance Bellew is waiting on a woman. When that woman strolls in to the bar, he is floored by how gorgeous she is. As a dark angel, it is Chance’s job to talk to this demon-in-training and explain that becoming a demon is not as good as the sales pitch she was given. He also has a time limit on this job: one week and one day to save Destiny’s soul. His one rule is to not get involved with his jobs, but in this case, he is struggling not to. As these two battle to see who will come out on top, the chemistry between them explodes and suddenly the stakes get much higher. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 292 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson