Heggan has a very accessible style and
a talent for building suspense subtly. She also infuses emotion and humor into what could have been a by-the-numbers whodunit, and challenges armchair sleuths.

The murder of her ex-fiance, Steven Hatfield, comes as a shock to museum curator Grace McKenzie, and it's compounded by the revelation that she's inherited the art gallery he owned in Pennsylvania. With no intention of keeping it, she reluctantly agrees to visit the place and take stock. Soon, it's evident that Steven may have been into something shady, and someone intends to prevent Grace from learning what it was -- at any cost.

Eventually, her path crosses that of FBI agent Matt Baxter, whose father has been charged with Steven's murder. Though he'd prefer that Grace leave the investigating to him, Matt is grateful for her help and insight, particularly when he realizes there's more going on than he initially believed. (MIRA, Sep., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer