Image of Wherever Grace is Needed


Image of Wherever Grace is Needed

This is an emotion-packed story of two young women, each dealing with the loss of loved ones, and needing to accept the changes this brings to their lives. It shows how guilt and grief can destroy some relationships, while strengthening and even creating others. Though heavy on sorrow, there is a happy ending.

When Grace Oliver comes to Austin, leaving her business and home in Portland in the hands of her newly moved-in boyfriend, Ben, she thinks it’s just to help her dad after he suffers a broken leg. What she discovers is that her 76-year-old father is having problems remembering things, her brother’s wife has left him and next-door neighbor Jordan, along with her family, is still dealing with the death of her mother and twin sister, something Jordan blames herself for. As Grace continues to put off returning home, it becomes apparent that home may not be Portland anymore. When things with Ben go south, she finds herself attracted to Jordan’s father, a situation that does not please Jordan at all. (KENSINGTON, Jun., 393 pp., $23.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley