This gritty, realistic western saga is the stirring story of one woman's quest for revenge and the one man who understands her better than anyone else.

When Vanessa (Nessa) Cutter Fane's young husband is brutally murdered, the 19 year old packs her pistols and heads out after the killers. She follows their trail through the territory into desert and Indian land toward the Mexican border before finally killing one and then locating the others.

Along the way she meets good, hardworking people and one man, Tom Doubletree, Texas Ranger, whose passion, courage and determination match her own.

After completing her mission Nessa is captured by the Comanche and it is Tom who rescues her and nurses her back to health. He ignites desire and an overriding passion within Nessa, but she will allow no one to stop her from continuing along her own path in life; even if she has to shoot Tom, she will leave him rather than marry him. However, Tom isn't one to stand by and let his woman run off. They will meet again in a small town where a shootout threatens their newfound love.

As strong and powerful a story as Nessa is a woman, WHILE THE RIVERS RUN will impress those readers who thrive on the harsh realities of life tempered by the power of true love to help the characters overcome many odds. This emotional and intense read will garner Ms. McGowan the respect of true Western fiction aficionados. SENSUAL (Sept., 298 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin