It is bad enough that detective Russ Sadler has to investigate the murder of his former partner, Sharon Myer—now it looks like he has to deal with former fiancée and forensic sketch artist Jennifer Nash.

A man dubbed "The Violator" has been creating an aura of fear in the Seattle area as he has performed a series of late-night abductions. With Sharon, abduction turned to murder. Since they have little to go on, the new police chief wants to bring in Jennifer but, because of past events, Russ and his colleagues are none too welcoming.

While it was Jennifer who broke off their relationship, she knows she still loves Russ. Events in her past have left her emotionally scarred, but has she learned enough and healed enough in the past two years to take another stab at love? Having been dumped once, Russ is not going to make it easy for Jennifer to rekindle old feelings. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jennifer, the killer is much closer than she suspects.

Suspense and Suzanne Forster are a match made in heaven. No one provides thrills and chills quite like she does! (Aug., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith