Image of On a Whim (The Katie Weldon Series #2)


Image of On a Whim (The Katie Weldon Series #2)

Admirers of this bestselling author will quickly reacquaint themselves with beloved characters as they journey through school, romance, friendship and life lessons. Although this book stands alone, those who haven't read the first installment will feel slightly bereft. It's a great story for young adults and anyone who's willing to remember what life was like as a struggling college student striving for acceptance and God's plan for the future.

Katie Weldon and Rick Doyle are finally officially an item, but their relationship is turning out to be more challenging than anticipated. As they take a crucial step forward, Katie is encouraged to befriend Rick's roommate, Eli Lorenzo, and decides to join him on a trip that reveals a side to Eli that touches her heart and opens her mind. When Katie finds the "perfect" person for Eli, she decides that a double date is in order. But weird signs suddenly have Katie insecure about her own relationship and its survival. Will she wait long enough for their relationship to weather the storms? And what will she do when she receives life-changing news that ultimately affects her friends and her future? (ZONDERVAN, Oct., 304 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes