Image of Whip Appeal


Image of Whip Appeal

Smith effortlessly uses flashbacks to lure readers into the life of Ebony Knight, who evolves from a little
girl who cons wealthy men under
her mother's tutelage into an ultra-
successful dominatrix. But the psychological and physical pain and
bondage Ebony's clients crave
represent only one level of intrigue. When Ebony becomes the only
suspect in the deaths of her fiance
and an obsessed client, the first-
person narrative becomes the
scalpel that expertly cuts through
presumptions of insanity and reveals
a conspiracy at its core. This is a
phenomenal read.

Media tycoon Erik will do --and pay -- anything to be with dominatrix Ebony who, despite her mother's admonitions, is falling in love with Jeff, a famed photographer. But best friend Carmelita resents Ebony's newfound love. When Erik and Jeff are killed in Ebony's home, she is committed to a mental institution. But is Ebony truly crazy, or is she just crazy to trust the barracudas masquerading as friends? (Pocket, Aug., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton