The characters in the conclusion of Holby's Wind series are archetypal and anti-climactic compared to the earlier books in this series. Laden with dialogue that informs readers of previous incidents and ignores new characters interjected into the series, Holby flatlines the tale into a nearly 400-page epilogue, despite the tragedies the characters must endure.

The adopted son of the owners of the famous Lynch Ranch, Zane Brody considers himself the love god of Laramie. But lately, the daily round of work, drink and paid-for sex has made him yearn for adventure, and he's thrilled to escort the ranch's newest schoolteacher home.

Widowed Mary Dunleavy and her doctor brother are set to begin a new phase of their lives. But the journey becomes a trial when Indians raid the train and kidnap her brother. Mary and Zane attempt to save him.

Thrown into a world of pure survival, Mary is forced to find her own strengths when she and Zane are captured and tortured by a band of rogue Indians. They eventually escape, but not before Mary must decide if she's ready to take another chance on love and Zane comes to believe he's worthy. (Leisure, Sep., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black