Image of Whirlwind Cowboy


Image of Whirlwind Cowboy

This is the last book in Cowan’s 10-year-old Whirlwind, Texas, series, and she goes out with a bang. There are lawmen, rustlers and bank robbers, plus a murder, a manhunt, seduction, redemption and, of course, a whirlwind romance! Fans of the series will be glad to finally get Bram and Deborah’s love story. It’s passionate, intense, poignant and seductive. The characters are lively, with pulsing sexual tension.

Bram Ross is on the hunt for Cosgrove, a murdering cattle rustler who almost destroyed his family, but what he finds instead is the one woman he never wanted to see again: Deborah Blue. Doesn’t that just cock his pistol? Once, she had rejected his proposal and abandoned him. Now, he finds her with saddlebags full of cash and no memory — or so she claims. Deborah doesn’t know who she is or why her rescuer hates her, but she trusts him to keep her safe until she regains her memory. Bram doesn’t believe her, but he knows she is his best bet to capture Cosgrove. If they have to pretend to be engaged ... well, it’s all for the greater good. Deborah allows him to use her as bait, but she refuses to let him ignore her — if they have any kind of future, they will have to resolve their past. (HARLEQUIN, Sep., 284 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer